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November 2015

“Give me back my face!”

What is this abomination! A chicken with the head of a horse? A pig with wings??? This is my version of Build a Beetle, which I use as a turn taking game to keep children involved during phonology exercises.

It’s pretty simple really – they say the sound / word / phrase that they’re working on, and I get them to pick a piece of animal out of a bag. The child I worked with here wanted to play the ‘horrible hybrid farm animal’ version of the game – you can also do it in a more sedate manner and race to complete your own animal.

At the end, we build our animals, and invariably they end up fighting: “Give me my face back!”, “You stole my tail”, etc.

These packs (you can get Farm Animals, Jungle Animals and Dinosaurs) are made by US company the Learning Journey. They used to be available in TK Maxx for £4.99 but it seems that TK Maxx are more interested in their products that are more explicitly educational these days (e.g. rhyme bingo, that kind of thing). My previous copy of these had fallen apart so I have just imported them from Amazon USA – costing me around £12 per box. Still worth it.

These are available in my imaginary toy shop in Nottingham high street by the way.