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May 2015

So much STUFF

Anyone who has seen me lurch in or out of one of the 7 schools I currently work in will know that I carry a lot of stuff around on my back. Arguably much too much stuff.

Here we have (clockwise from the top):

  • A ladder man cause-and-effect toy
  • The orange, phonology bag contains a huge amount of speech sound-related pictures, assessments and games (including a build-a-cactus game and ‘Billy’, my always useless puppet)
  • The Newcastle Sage Gallery bag is the perfect size to fit my barrier/wall thing, along with lots of language picture resources and a few small assessments
  • The two brown bags in the middle are full of stickers and paperwork
  • The lovely leather satchel houses my laptop
  • There’s a white bag (almost hidden) with a huge number of musical instruments used in group activities and in one-to-one intensive interaction sessions
  • Then it’s my imaginative play bag, which itself contains a number of bags, including a hand-made bee-skin faux-fur bag full of amazing soft toys, a similar ladybird-skin bag full of toy food and crockery, an actual sofa, chairs, toys for the toys to play with, a plastic fly to land on their food when they’re having a picnic, a crocodile to spoil their sleep – you name it, it’s there.
  • Then the magnificent spotty bag contains my fishing game, my Mr Potato Head, bubbles, balloon, kaleidoscope, puzzle and my favourite lift-the-flap book.

I often go through my bags, thinking I’m going to thin it out a bit, but I always end up adding more pictures and toys.

A new addition for the Spring Term has been a velcro ball game, which I use during phonology input training. Here the daredevil Billy holds the targets that the child has to aim at (he gets extremely angry if they miss).

I took a picture recently, one hour into one of my mornings. Sometimes things get this messy. I tidied up soon afterwards – if I find it distracting then I can only imagine what it’s like for the children I work with. Here it is though – a horrible, enjoyable mess! (Click for full size).